Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why you shouldn't buy the Ipad Mini (yet)!

Earlier this year on october 23th, Apple released 2 new Ipad's, the Ipad 4th generation and an Ipad Mini.
The Ipad 4th generation is pretty much just the 'new, new Ipad'. The New Ipad came out with a retina display and a 5X chip, Apple gave the 4th generation a 6X chip with the new lightning connector wich a lot of people really hate because all the old gadgets aren't going to work anymore at least not without an extra connector wich would make it possible. So except for the new chip and a new connector, Apple didn't make a lot of changes actually.

 Now, let's talk about the Ipad Mini, making a mini Ipad is something Steve Jobs always said they were never going to do. So why did they do it? I think because there are a lot cheaper tablets with a display of around 7 inch on the market, so Apple had to do something wich they did. To make it more affordable, Apple gave it the same processor as the Ipad 2, without a retina display. So it costs a lot less then the previous Ipad's? No actually it doesn't at all! It is barely cheaper then the Ipad 2 and it is a lot smaller wich is a bad thing for me, if I could chose between the size of an Ipad 2 and the size of an Ipad Mini, I would definitely choose the Ipad 2.

Ipad Mini 2?

Apple has been releasing so much new products this year. In march they released the New Ipad, after the summer they released the Iphone 5 and in october they released the Ipad Mini, Ipad 4th generation, a new Imac and a new Mac Mini. If they are going to keep releasing new products so often it wouldn't surprise me, that there will be an Ipad Mini 2 somewhere next year. It could possibly have a retina display, a newer processor and all that for around the same price, wouldn't that be so much better?!

The Ipad Mini is a great device, but it just is to expensive for what it is. For just a little bit more money you could have an Ipad 2. Ofcourse there are people that like the smaller size to read on the bus or browse the web, but I think  it is  better than to buy a Nexus 7 or an Amazon Kindle Fire HD , they are so much cheaper! And if you really want an Ipad Mini, I would wait a little while!

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